Ocean Lovers Sensory Bag

Ocean Lovers Sensory Bag

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This one is for all the Beach Bums, Mermen, Mermaids and Ocean Lovers!



* 100g all-natural nontoxic BLUE BERGAMOT BREEZE playdough, in an aluminum tin box.

* Ocean themed aluminium cookie cutter, wooden peg doll, seashells, seaweed greenery and glass pebbles. 

* Let's Dough calico bag - perfect for on the go and to keep your loose parts organised. 


Unique and individually made - items, colours and scent may vary slightly from bag to bag. 

To maximize durability, keep your playdough airtight in a cool and dark spot. For further care instructions visit the FAQ page.

WARNING: Everything in this bag should be considered a choking hazard and is intended for children over age 3. Contains glass. Children should only use these materials under direct adult supervision.